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Bloom - Maternal and Family Planning Therapy

ITS offers counseling specifically to address the emotional and relational components of early parenthood. The Bloom Program is designed to help individuals, couples, and families with concerns ranging from postpartum depression and anxiety to infertility to traumatic birth experiences. Our specially-trained providers can help you and your family prepare, adjust, and thrive in life with a new baby and overcome any complications along the way.

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Pride Program and Resilience Group

Our Pride Program is focused on providing a safe and therapeutic environment to help foster resilience and compassion with members of the LGBTQ+ community and family members. Therapists are trained in working with individuals, families, and couples in this community from a systemic perspective.

Our Resilience Group is a group designed to cater to 13-15 year olds that fall under the Pride Program umbrella. The intention of the group is to create a safe, judgment free environment for members to foster resilience to deal with mental health, relationships, and larger societal oppression.

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Parent-Child Interaction Training (PCIT)

Parent Child Interaction Training is an evidence-based treatment using very specific, step-by-step, live coaching sessions with both the caregiver and the child. PCIT places emphasis on improving the quality of the relationship and changing negative interaction patterns.

It is a family-centered treatment approach tailored for each parent and child’s specific needs. Parents are taught specific skills to use with their child to establish, improve, or maintain a nurturing and secure relationship while increasing their child’s positive behavior and decreasing negative behavior.

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