Resources for Kids (and Parents!) through COVID-19

As kids and parents transition to a new normal, resources and tools can always make the process a bit easier. We all could use some fresh ideas to keep learning, developing, and entertaining. Check out below for some links to help parents and kids stay engaged, curious, and healthy both mentally and physically.

Kids’ Educational Resources

Amazing Educational Resources – A frequently updated LONG list of educational resources for kids while not in school, as well as teachers and parents. This site states the age it is targeting as well as the subject of interest. Other resources for social and emotional health are available as well.
All Digital School – A free directory of online educational resources and platforms for all ages. The 2,000+ resources are searchable by topic, price, type, and educational level. This resource is free and updated daily.
Mystery Science – Videos, articles, and more that focus on science and other various interesting topics.
Smart Music – Virtual music lessons. (This website is waiving fees through June 30, 2020)
Stars and Catz – 83 music games online/through Flash. (Free)
Music Lab Experiments – A music site that allows you to make songs and participate in other music experiments. (Free)
Raddish Kids – Monthly cooking class subscription for kids. (They are offering free e-kits at this time)
Left Brain Craft Brain – Hands on crafts and STEM activities to do at home.
Crayola – Many ideas for DIY kids crafts and activities.
Learning through Landscapes – Outdoor learning activities. They have an ongoing forum for ideas for outdoor play that consider social distancing. (All resources are free throughout the quarantine)
National Marine Sanctuaries – Virtual Dives into a variety of underwater locations. Kids and adults can experience underwater habitats without leaving home.
The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Access the vast amount of information from the museum through videos, virtual tours, stories, and activities anytime, anywhere.
Stories from Astronauts in Space – Audiobooks for kids with a science and space theme.
PE with Joe – 30 minutes exercise videos
Northwest Trek – Activities, indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, videos and more that help connect kids to nature, animals, and environmental learning.
Claire’s Corner – Fun Science Experiments for Children to Try at Home
Learning at Home – Free Online Mind Games and Puzzles
Lulus – Fun Fashion Activities: Jewelry Making, Knitting, and More

Kids’ Mental Health Resources

Action for Healthy Kids: COVID-19 and At-Home Resources – Many helpful links and resources for families during this time to help manage stress, anxiety, and boredom.
The Recovery Village – Anxiety Disorders in Children – An article articulating symptoms, causes, diagnoses, and treatments of anxiety during childhood.
Go Noodle – Games that promote physical activity, activities to help regulate mood and behavior such as yoga and mindfulness, educational activities for various topics, and more.
Mindful Schools – Mindfulness videos for kids. (Currently they are offering free live videos from 10-11 am on their Facebook page, and 40% off courses for school groups)
Big Life Journal – Journal kits and podcasts designed to help kids with confidence and growth towards resilient mindsets. Options available for ages 4-10 and 11+.
Life Skills Go – Games and activities to promote social, emotional, and physical learning with resources for kids, parents, and teachers. (Free 30 day trial)
Quaver SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) – Games and activities for social emotional learning. Activities for teachers, parents and counselors. (Free 30 day trial and can be extended if school closures are extended)
Bird Music – Why Bird Music is Great for Relaxation, Stress, and Anxiety

Apps for Kids – Mindfulness and Meditation

Headspace for Kids – Meditation app for kids with five thematic focuses – Calm, Focus, Kindness, Sleep, and Wake Up
Calm – Mindfulness and meditation app and free resources for kids and adults.
Smiling Mind – Mindfulness app with programs for Adults, Youth, Classroom, and Workplace with options in other languages.
Stop, Breathe & Think Kids – “Missions” for kids ages 5 – 10 to help them find their own calm.
Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids – Meditation for kids with focuses on Sleep, Focus, Feelings, Kindness, and Centering.

Maintaining Peer Interactions

JusTalk – Child-friendly video chat that is safe and has fun features for kids to participate with friends.
Watch2Gether – A social network platform that allows you to watch the same video, movie, or show with friends at the same time while chatting with one another.

For Parents/Adults

The Risks-Know Them-Avoid Them – Understand how COVID-19 Spreads
Sunshine Behavioral Health – Exploring the Importance of Mental Health during Early Childhood Development – Learn about mental health issues in young children, the impact of stress, nature, and nurture on mental health, and resources/tips for talking to your child about mental health.
Ark Behavioral Health – COVID-19 Mental Health And Addiction Resources
All Digital School – Tools for Parents – An overview of online resources, including online learning platforms and apps, that are available to help both you and your child.
Sleep During Crisis – How to support your mental health and sleep
Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health – Tips for recognizing and supporting your mental health through the pandemic.
US Career Institute – Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness Resources for Home
LendEdu – Managing Your Finances During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Fingerpring for Success – How to be more patient: building calm composure
The Recovery Village – Protecting the Mental Health of High-Risk Populations During Quarantine – An article outlining high-risk populations, the effects of quarantine, and how to help mitigate some of the deleterious mental health effects.
Bird Music – Why Bird Music is Great for Relaxation, Stress, and Anxiety

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