Open Letter to my Pride Group

Hello my queer and allied community that I love and serve,

These past few weeks have been heart breaking and it is difficult to even put into words all of the things that we want to say. The violence that happens to George Floyd, Dominique Fells, Breonna Taylor and many other people of color needs to stop. This is the beginning of pride month and with recent events I can’t help but be reminded of Stonewall. How people who were tired of legislation that discriminated and further marginalized our community and police harassment came to a boiling point that summer of 1969.

When I think of creating change and fighting for equal rights, especially during pride month, I think of the quote from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich how “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” I think the sentiment resonates now even more intensely with this nasty virus (racism) spreading harm and destruction again. To work through this oppression and violence I ask that we work together to help create a better narrative of respect and love for the marginalized. Educate yourself and others and find ways to make your voice heard because ‘Oppression can only survive through silence’ -Carmen De Monteflores.

To everyone who has been told you are too loud, too quiet, too black, too brown, too much, or not enough you have a home here where you will be respected, heard, and cared for. Black lives matter.

Pride Program

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