Social Skills Group

Social skills groups are small groups led by the facilitators who teach kids how to appropriately interact with peers. They can help kids learn conversational, problem-solving, and friendship skills. They can also be helpful in teaching kids to regulate their emotions, advocate for self, and understand other’s perspectives.

Due to the social nature of the group, there is a minimum number of group members we are waiting to meet before moving forward with specific dates. Please feel free to fill out a sign up sheet and we will reach out when the dates have been determined.

ITS’ Social Skills Group aims to work with children and adolescents who are seeking support for:

Identifying strengths and challenges of having friends and interacting with others
Improving self-confidence in social settings
Developing conversational skills for peer interactions
Learning to navigate social conflicts and problem solving

This group is best suited for…

  • Ages 8-13
  • All genders
  • Children/adolescents currently meeting developmental milestones

Skills Group includes

  • 90 minute group meetings for 4 consecutive weeks
    • Group will begin when there are enough participants to create the appropriate social environment. Skills group leaders will contact interested parties when dates are determined.

For questions, comments, and information about cost, please contact ITS

Group Leaders

Erin Manning, LMFT

Erin is a licensed therapist, currently seeing children, teens and young adults from various backgrounds and demographics. Her experience working specifically with kids spans across a variety of different areas over the course of the last 7 years: From working as a visitation supervisor for children in foster care, seeing clients in an outpatient facility with an emphasis on developmental differences, supporting groups for children struggling with social challenges and social anxieties, as well as providing therapy in a school district at the elementary and middle school level. She truly enjoys supporting children and teens increase their confidence and ability to make connections with others and witnessing how this can have an impact on overall mental health and wellbeing. In this skills group, she looks forward to helping kids learn new tangible tools to use to help with comfort in social environments and within social interactions that can help lead to more enriching relationships throughout their lives.

Kelsey Schank, LMFTA

Kelsey is a marriage and family therapist who enjoys working with children and their caregivers. She has experience teaching children abroad and leading various groups with kids ages 4-18. She brings her experience from teaching, working in inpatient psychiatric care, and current practice as an LMFTA to her work. Her background has helped her to provide an engaging format for children to learn social skills, especially during a time in our lives where the opportunities to practice social skills has been at its lowest. Kelsey enjoys helping children navigate day to day life through developing social skills.

Sarah Beck, LMFTA

Sarah is a systems-trained marriage and family therapist who incorporates solution-focused and narrative approaches to her work with clients. Prior to becoming a therapist, she spent 8 years coaching gymnastics for children and adolescents ages 3-18. She also has experience as a paraeducator, where she worked with kids with developmental differences. She completed her internship in the Children’s Therapy Unit at MultiCare where she helped children and families. She loves working with kids and teens, and finds her passion in helping youth overcome anxiety and connect with peers.

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